Cloudy pool water is unsightly and unpleasant to swim in. It is also potentially dangerous as cloudy water can be home to bacteria and viruses that can cause illnesses and infections. Cloudy swimming pools can also be unsafe as the decreased visibility makes it harder to see if swimmers are struggling or in trouble under the water. Consequently, it's extremely important to keep your pool water clean and clear by using pool clarifiers and pool cleaning chemicals.Swimming pool clarifiers allow you to take your pool water from cloudy to crystal clear quickly and easily. Clarifiers work by causing fine debris particles to coagulate into larger particles which can then be removed from the pool water through the pool's filtration system.

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Leaf Skimmer

Heavy duty plastic frame with long-wear fine mesh net for capturing...

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Chlorine is a very widely used chemical – in fact it’s the...

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Although swimming pool chlorine is the most widely used pool...

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Chemical Feeders

The idea of not having to add chlorine to the pool for a couple of...

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Salt Chlorinators

Salt chlorinators are growing in popularity as more people want to...

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