Chemical Feeders

Chemical Feeders

The idea of not having to add chlorine to the pool for a couple of weeks is very appealing to many people. Pool chlorinators or chemical feeders are fairly simple devices that hold larger amounts of chlorine or bromine and gradually release these chemicals into the pool. Swimming pool chemical feeders were invented so that pool owners would have a reliable, convenient method for administering the correct amount of chlorine to their pools with less effort. Pool chlorinators also ensure that your pool water is chemically balanced.

  • Floating pool chlorinators are among the most popular and affordable pool chemical feeders. You might have noticed these automatic pool chlorinators bobbing up and down in your friend's pool or hot tub. They are convenient and adaptable and floating pool chemical feeders can be used in any type of pool - in ground, aboveground, hot tub or hot tub. Floating pool chlorinators work by letting water flow across the chlorine tablets as it floats in the pool water. This provides a constant uninterrupted stream of chlorine in the pool as the tablets dissolve over time.

  • Off-line pool chemical feeders can usually be used with either chlorine or bromine and work alongside your pool's pump and filtration system. These pool chemical feeders are easy to install and require little maintenance and are especially well suited for aboveground swimming pools.

  • In-line pool chlorinators are pool sanitization systems that are installed in your pool’s plumbing system. This type of pool chlorinator system is more common in in-ground pools and is a bit more difficult to install. These pool chlorination systems have a feeder line that provides chlorine to the pool through a feeder line that reaches into the pool water. In-line pool chlorinators are designed based on the size of the pool and water capacity

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